Our Space

After your initial consultation with your acupuncturist (on your first visit), you will receive treatment in a comfortable recliner in one of our soothing open spaces. You may choose to relax near the sunny bay window or in an area with more subdued lighting. You will notice that others may be dozing in their own recliner during their treatment. We take care to keep our entire office tranquil and quiet, so please turn your cell phone off (not just on silent) before entering the clinic.

Your privacy is important to us

In our open treatment spaces, privacy is accomplished with the use of calming music, the sounds of surf, white noise, and speaking with hushed voices. If there is ever a time when you need to speak privately with your acupuncturist about a sensitive issue, simply let us know.

Your First Treatment

During your initial consultation we discuss your health priorities, problems and goals, review your completed Patient Registration and Health History form, take your pulses, and may observe your tongue. We might also ask you to do range of motion activities to demonstrate movement and flexibility of tight or painful areas. If you are a woman seeking treatment for Fertility, please also complete our Female Fertility Support Questionnaire.

Once you are comfortable in a recliner, we insert hair-thin needles into points on your arms and legs, and perhaps your head and/or ears. If you are having pain, we will usually NOT needle those painful areas. After needles have been inserted elsewhere, we may ask you to move your painful areas to stimulate blood flow through them. Then you simply relax and doze for 30-60 minutes. It's up to you! If you are having intense pain or other issues, please plan on staying for a full hour (if possible). At some point during treatment, your mind will become more alert and this lets you know that your treatment is complete. If you need us to wake you earlier, just let us know.

After Your First Treatment

Most people say they feel different after their treatment…more relaxed, less pain, and with an overall sense of well-being. At this time you need to decide whether you enjoyed acupuncture and want to continue with a treatment plan to address your health goals. Your acupuncturist will give you a written treatment plan with the frequency of treatments recommended to meet your goals. We can schedule your next appointment at that time, or you can use our on-line scheduling available 24/7 on our website. You can also text, email or call us for an appointment.

Each Follow-up Treatment

When you come for follow-up visits please turn off your cell phone before entering the clinic. If you have an appointment, please come right in and get settled in a recliner. We will get a brief update on how you're feeling (in a hushed voice please), collect your payment, take your pulses and get your treatment started. Please be sure to tell us if you have to be up at a certain time. Then settle in and take a nap! WALK-INS: If you don't have an appointment, please check with our acupuncturist before selecting a recliner. While there may be open recliners, these may already be reserved by appointment. Our acupuncturist will be able to let you know when you can be seen, and you can decide if that works for you.

Expectations and Results

The effects of acupuncture are cumulative and increase over time. In general, the longer you have had a problem, the longer it will take to relieve it and to correct the underlying deficiency and/or imbalance causing the problem. If your symptoms are intense or they are interfering with your daily activities, we may recommend clustering treatments at the beginning of care to get you comfortable fast and boost the effectiveness of treatment. Please give yourself time to evaluate whether acupuncture is helping you, especially if your problem has been chronic.